Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Grant Castleberry: Fatherhood, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and Innocuous Tweets

TheoBros Podcast episode 27. On this episode of the TheoBros Podcast, I talk with Grant Castleberry (@grcastleberry) about his father’s legacy, ministry, and Martyn Lloyd Jones. We also play a game I think you’re going to like called “Can Grant Figure Out Who Tweeted These Old, Innocuous Tweets?” Then Grant shares his top-5 tweeters of…

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The Bud Zone Podcast – MLJ Trust With Greg Jones

This week’s episode of The Bud Zone Podcast features a look at the MLJ Trust ministry which is the repository of 1,600 audio sermons from the “logic on fire” preacher D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  Greg Jones, President of MLJ Trust, joins Bud to discuss the Trust’s work, the ministry of Lloyd-Jones, and the importance of such…

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