Matt Slick

Matt Slick Debates Michael the Canadian Atheist

Apologetics Live episode 87 Matt Slick of talks about objective morality with the Canadian “atheist”. Some resource: Functional magnetic resonance imaging There’s No Such Thing as Free Will

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Debate: Do God’s decrees violate Man’s Free Will? Matt Slick vs. Skylar Fiction

Apologetics Live 54 Tonight’s Apologetics Live is a formal debate on the topic: Do God’s decrees violate Man’s Free Will? Debaters: Matt Slick of (Christian) Skylar Fiction (Athiest) There will be the following structure: Opening (10 minutes each) Rebuttals (15 minutes each) Cross-Examination (20 minutes each) Closing (10 minutes each)   Enter the Christian…

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Black Theology & Black Power

Apologetics Live 53 Andrew and Matt discuss James Cohen’s book Black Theology & Black Power. They discuss the roots of Black Liberation Theology and Critical Race Theory.

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