Mike Reid

Dangerous Church Doctrines, Open Q&A

Apologetics Live episode 72 Andrew discusses how to spot tactics of avoiding an issue with Mike Reid for the first several minutes of the show, and then open Q&A with Kevin Jandt the former deacon and long-time church member who agreed to an interview 2 weeks ago, and Pastor Chuck O’Neal.

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Dangerous Church Doctrines? Mike Reid

Apologetics Live episode 70 Dr. Anthony Silvestro talks with Kevin Jandt to discuss the “pastoring” practices of Mike Reid. Dangerous Church Doctrines? Mike Reid Podcast on Christian Podcast Community Guest: Kevin Jandt -Long time former member and deacon of GFC   Click here for Link or copy below  https://podcasts.strivingforeternity.org/programs/apologetics-live/dangerous-church-doctrines-mike-reid/   Supporting Tony means supporting Mike…

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