Episode 30: Salvation, Healing, Miracles, and the Sovereignty of God: An Interview with Pastor John Samson

Former Word-Faith preacher and TBN host, John Samson, joins me for a second interview. God delivered John out of the Word-Faith deception and he nows pastors a doctrinally sound church. In this interview, John and I discuss salvation, healing, and miracles, and particularly how all of these things relate to the sovereignty of God. I…

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TruthExposed 18 Bread of Life, John 6: (276)

Returning to our ongoing study of the gospel of John, the crowd catches up to him after being fed the day before. Those who remained, being part of the crowd of 5000, and seeking to make him king, were once again amazed to find Jesus already across the lake with his disciples. Jesus deflects their…

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Luke Investigates 9 Healing. (262)

After the abrupt appearance of the religious leaders at the door, Luke’s friend, the fisher, has been taken away for interrogation. Luke worries and paces… Click to read the full show notes. Credits consider supporting the podcast through our Patreon page. Cast: Nathan Caldwell, John Steinklauber, Keith Heltsley, JD Sutter, and Christopher. feel free to…

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