New Apostolic Reformation

False Predictions for 2021 with Justin Peters

Apologetics Live episode 96 Justin Peters joins Andrew Rappaport and Justin Pierce to discuss the many false teachers and their predictions for 2021. So many false teachers got it wrong in 2020, why would we think that will not get it wrong yet again.

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New Apostolic Reformation with Justin Peters

What do Bethel Church (in Redding, California), Todd White and Joel Osteen have in common? All are part of the Word of Faith / New Apostolic Reformation movement and all teach false versions of Christianity. Justin Peters has been exposing the unbiblical nature of this heresy for many years. Some false teachers are trying to cash…

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The Danger of the NAR with Justin Peters

Joining hosts James Watkins and Daryl Updike is Justin Peters to discuss the dangers and damning gospel of the New Apostolic Reformation. What is the NAR? Should we listen to music by Bethel and Hillsong? Join in and listen to the conversation recorded at the G3 Conference!

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