New Year Resolutions

Back to the Gospel in 2022

The Way Radio Episode 0079 Back to the Gospel in 2022 If we strive to let all that we hope to accomplish in the new year spring from the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ abiding in us, how can we fail? The most important thing during our time on earth is our response…

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New Year, Same You

16:18 Podcast – 2.1 New Year, Same You In this episode, I discuss my new year resolution (the G3Min reading challenge!) and offer a Biblical perspective on resolutions in general.

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Biblical Resolutions (part 1)

Chelsea and I recorded this episode late at night closing out the year 2021. We discuss the history of New Year’s resolutions. The roots go back to ancient history! We hash some statistics about how many people make resolutions, what they’re about, and how successful (or unsuccessful many are). We then look at what the…

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