The Bud Zone Podcast – With Pastor Keith Foskey

This week on The Bud Zone Podcast, Keith Foskey, pastor of Sovereign Grace Family Church, Jacksonville, Florida, joins Bud to discuss a number of topics including the status of Calvinism in the church today. To find out more about Keith’s church, please go to the Sovereign Grace Family Church website HERE. To follow Keith’s podcast,…

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Natural Theology and Ontology

On this week’s episode we discuss natural theology and ontology.  Theology Gals Books-Catechism, Sermon Notebooks, Bible Reading Journals Episode Resourses: More Alike Than Different by Rachel Miller  Legal Rather than Evangelical Knowledge: Calvin on the limits of Natural Theology by Michael Horton  Natural and Special Revelation: A Reassessment by Bill Dennison Theses on Natural Theology…

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