The Incredible Shrinking Humanity

After seeing that some people sympathize with Thanos against the Marvel Avengers for the fate of the universe, we look at another model of population growth trends that is becoming more mainstream. The Demographic Transition Model (DTM) provides four to six stages of population growth to show how it naturally levels off after spiking. This…

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Was Thanos the Good Guy?

We continue discussing the overpopulation myth that still hasn’t died. We start with some 21st-century statements from the infamous Paul Ehrlich, proving that he hasn’t recanted his failed prophecies of overpopulation fearmongering. Next, we review an article from Forbes that tries to convince the world that Thanos, the supervillain from the late Marvel Avengers movies…

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Should We Fear Overpopulation?

This episode was inspired by something my wife showed me from a campaign called “One Planet One Child.” From Thomas Malthus in the 1790’s to Paul Ehrlich in the 1960’s and beyond, some economists and scientists have feared the doom of humanity. This doom is mass suffering and starvation of millions of people ever at…

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