Pastoring Through the Pandemic and Riots

While the media continues to push the scare tactics of COVID-19, and protests continue to pop us; we must not ignore the fact that people within the body of Christ have lost their jobs, and some their homes. This gets down to the question of “how do we pastor our people in this time?” To…

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Matt Chandler’s Failure is Cedarville’s Problem

Matt Chandler refused to obey 1 Tim 5:20 and with their history of ignoring immorality by their staff they passed a disqualified man onto Cedarville University and now wants to be excused. what is really happening? Watch the video version of the show. Resources mentioned: Process of Reconciliation Card Matt Chandler announces that pastor Anthony…

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Do Pastors Children Have to be Believers?

Rapp Report Daily episode 122 Andrew addresses the passage in Titus 1:6 with the question do pastors children have to be believers in Jesus Christ. Some say that in order to be qualified as a pastor, his children must be believers. Others say the children must be faithful. But, what does the Scripture say? That…

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