#36 Church Leadership

The Stop and Think crew discuss church leadership in contrast to the world. What does it mean to be a servant leader, Plurality of Elders, women preachers, and more… Show Notes 0:00         Opening 1:15         Introduction 3:50         Testimony of Glenroy and Pastor Phil 18:20       Glenroy…

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Matt Chandler’s Failure is Cedarville’s Problem

Matt Chandler refused to obey 1 Tim 5:20 and with their history of ignoring immorality by their staff they passed a disqualified man onto Cedarville University and now wants to be excused. what is really happening? Watch the video version of the show. Resources mentioned: Process of Reconciliation Card Matt Chandler announces that pastor Anthony…

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Do Pastors Children Have to be Believers?

Rapp Report Daily episode 122 Andrew addresses the passage in Titus 1:6 with the question do pastors children have to be believers in Jesus Christ. Some say that in order to be qualified as a pastor, his children must be believers. Others say the children must be faithful. But, what does the Scripture say? That…

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