The Bud Zone: Christology

This episode of The Bud Zone features Rob, Rochadd, and Bud discussing Christology.  Rochadd leads the discussion emphasizing the biblical and historically orthodox view of the person of Christ. Video episodes of The Bud Zone may also be viewed on YouTube HERE. Resources cited in this episode include the following: Know The Creeds And Councils…

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S3E9 – The Tyrant’s Plea

On this week’s episode, I continue a series on the topic of tyranny and totalitarianism. Why does the tyrant do what he does? What does it look like when the tyrant takes over? And what role do the people play in the rise of tyranny? Today I look at both history, Scripture, and popular culture…

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S3E8 – Foundations of Tyranny

On this week’s episode I begin a series on the topic of tyranny and totalitarianism. What does tyranny mean? When did it even begin to exist? What does tyranny look like and is there a difference between a patriarchal tyranny and a matriarchal tyranny? Join me today as I look at both Scripture and popular…

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