Paul Krugman

The Economy Also Doesn’t Need a Broken Window

We continue with Paul Krugman’s suggestion of a fake threat of aliens invading to stimulate a depressed economy. We look at a blog post he had written for the New York Times where he revealed his inspiration for the blessings of fear and destruction: World War II. Unfortunately, even many conservatives and Christians think like…

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The Economy Doesn’t Need an Alien Invasion Either

We springboard from Nobel Laureate economist Paul Krugman’s wrong idea about babysitting the economy to an even stranger idea: the threat of an alien invasion would be good for a depressed economy. Krugman thinks its better for people to stop saving money to pay off their debts and squeeze even more money toward building bunkers…

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The Economy Doesn’t Need a Babysitter

Dr. Paul Krugman, world renowned winner of the Nobel Laureate in economics, often appeals to babysitting when trying to explain things in his post-Keynesian way. He seems obsessed with the story of the Capitol Hill Babysitting cooperative because he thinks it proves that printing more money is the cure for recessions. When we look at…

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