peace amidst chaos

Ep. 22. A Godly Lifeline for the Thin Blue Line; Discipling and Equipping God‘s Agents of Peace and Justice

If you are in law enforcement or know someone who is, please don’t miss this episode!
Those who stand on the thin blue line between good and evil, peace and chaos, are in desperate need of our support.

As lawlessness increases, our line of defense …

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Grace and Peace Radio Ep069 Calm in the Face of Calamity, A Conversation with Pastor Michael Shafran

It’s a powerful truth that even though the world may be engulfed in flames around us, Christians can have calm in the face of calamity. Ironically, many believers are ill-equipped or even ignorant of the ways God provides hope and peace, so they are left feeling fearful or anxious because of the chaos in the…

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