Persecution, Judgement, and the Remnant

This episode comes to you from the road in Conway, Arkansas after a lecture from Dr. James White at Grace Bible Church and Grace Bible Theological Seminary. Dr. White talked about a coming persecution which should make us think about what we, as believers, will do when this persecution happens. Will we stand firm, or…

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Christians Patriotism and Persecution

Theology Throw Down episode 8 The Christian Podcast Community podcasters gather together to discuss a Christian’s perspective on patriotism and persecution.

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Romans 12:2 In the Decade to Come

The Way Radio Episode 0010 Romans 12:2 In the Decade to Come A vibrant faith, and understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ, abiding in the word, and the command of Romans 12:2 will strengthen, sustain, and bless us through the coming decade. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the…

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