The Vax Vex Vortex 2

As I drive to work on Thursday I briefly hit on five articles related to our favorite politicized virus. Recent studies show the Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness wanes faster and greater than before (down to 20% after four months). Pfizer admits that natural immunity is much better than two dozes of their vaccine. And… New studies…

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Third Jab’s a Charm – Maybe

Welcome to Truthspresso Express! This is where I record an episode on my commute to or from work. I recorded this episode on Monday, September 20th. I “celebrate” the official first release day of “booster shots” by recalling two articles I read the night before. The first article was about how recent studies are showing…

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COVID Vaccines and Christian Conscience

My wife Chelsea returns to Truthspresso to discuss COVID vaccines and related political and Biblical issues. Rather than taking a hard-line approach, we try to present some information we could gather. We encourage weighing all factors according to the Bible and Christian conscience. Questions we address include To what degree do the various COVID vaccines…

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