S4E7 – Thanksgiving

This week I look at the concept of thanksgiving. First, I consider the importance of giving thanks as described in Romans 1. Then, I address the historical significance of Thanksgiving, including two Thanksgiving proclamations given by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Their proclamations are nothing short of Christian in their theology and terminology. If those…

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Revival: The First Great Awakening (part 1)

Chelsea and I start a new series about the Christian revivals in American history. The controversy over the recent “Asbury revival” drove us to ask the question “What is a revival?” Using a dictionary, Scripture, and a Spurgeon quote, we come up with a working definition of a revival. Then, we dive deep into the…

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#27 Puritans, Pilgrims, and Thanksgiving

The Stop and Think crew and Guest: Dillon discuss false misconceptions about the Puritans, Pilgrims and thanksgiving! Show Notes 0:00 Opening 3:00 Truth about Puritans 16:04 What did they believe? 24:45 Truth about thanksgiving 39:35 Modern Thanksgiving 49:20 Christians should be Thankful Daily 52:00 Music and giving Thanks 1:10:15 Conclusion Please help support us on…

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