Planned Parenthood

Victories Over Molech (part 1)

My wife Chelsea is back with me to talk about recent victories over Molech. First, we explain the Biblical background of the pagan practice of sacrificing children to Molech. We see Satanic temples today claiming that abortion bans violate their “religious freedom” as abortions are literally a sacrament for them. The “NOW” statue at the…

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How Abortion Politics Exploited a 10-Year-Old Girl

On July 1 the Indianapolis Star published a piece that mentioned a pregnant 10-year-old girl seeking an abortion. According to this article she had to go to Indiana because her home state of Ohio wouldn’t allow it–all because of those fiendish Supreme Court justices! The hazy event spread around the world and became part of…

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The End of Roe is Just the Beginning

We take a break from what we said we were going to address this week to talk about the Supreme Court ruling for Dobbs v. Jackson on Friday, June 24, 2022. On this historic day Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey were explicitly overturned. We talk about the Constitutional arguments laid out in…

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