Does a Women have the Right to Ownership?

Rapp Report Daily 499 The core argument in abortion is really an ownership issue. The woman who says she has the right to do what you want for the body is arguing for ownership. So what is the difference between this is my property and this is my body?   Enter the Christian Podcast Community…

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Does the Woman in the Womb have a Choice?

Rapp Report Daily 498 The key argument in the abortion debate is, that it is a woman’s right to choose. However, there are two women and sometimes one man or woman that is affected by the choice. The question is does the child and the room have a choice in the decision?

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Marriage, Feminism and Abortion with Gloria Allred

Rapp Report 105 Ben Shapiro interviews Gloria Allred on his Sunday show and provides an insightful bit of information on a variety of topics. Andrew is joined by Virgil Walker of the Just Thinking podcast to discuss these topics.   Resources referred in the podcast: Texas man who killed church shooter says he was “doing…

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