Providence Understood

Providence is “To see beforehand, or foresight.” How do we, as believers, understand the Providence moving forward? In this Episode, I will help build a case as to how we are to understand God’s providence, and how to trust in it moving forward. #providence #foresight #doctrine

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Power and Providence

Our world seems to be in utter chaos. However, God is not a God of confusion and chaos, but a God of order. Although things seem chaotic we must understand that God in His providence and power is allowing all things to work out according to His perfect plan. How should Christians respond? On this…

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Kenya Trip – From Fearful Trial to Amazing Blessings

The Way Radio Episode 0008 Kenya Trip – From Fearful Trial to Amazing Blessings My son Wyatt and I just returned from three weeks working to establish The Way Ministry Church Kenya. Before we left on this trip I was confronted through an email with the possibility I had made a severe error in judgment…

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