psalm 119

The Bud Zone Podcast – Law, Gospel, Prayer

On this week’s brief episode of The Bud Zone Podcast, Bud goes solo and takes the opportunity to read the Word of God considering the Law of God, the Gospel, and concludes with a Puritan prayer.  A reading of David’s praise for the Law of God from Psalm 119 and the prophetic account of the…

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The Bud Zone Podcast – The Christian’s Special Duty: Giving Thanks

On this Thanksgiving Day episode, Bud turns to the Puritan Thomas Manton for the reading of an excerpt of his sermon about the Christian’s special duty of giving thanks.  Drawn from an exposition of Psalm 119:62, Manton emphasizes the necessity for the Christian to be much in giving thanks and giving praise to God.  Manton’s…

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Ep.13 Two Words That Break the Chains of Bondage and Set Us Free

Are you in bondage to past hurts, failures, or regrets? Do you struggle with doubting God’s love for you because of these things?

If you are struggling with feeling unloved or lovable in any way shape or form, you are missing out on the love that Go…

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