Ep.70 The True Christian Prays

Ep. 70 The True Christian Prays   In this episode, Nathaniel and Ekkie discuss the life of prayer. Like the Apostle Paul, every Christian should have a life of prayer that is “never ceasing.”       Check out Nathaniel’s new podcast: The Modern Puritan  

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#27 Puritans, Pilgrims, and Thanksgiving

The Stop and Think crew and Guest: Dillon discuss false misconceptions about the Puritans, Pilgrims and thanksgiving! Show Notes 0:00 Opening 3:00 Truth about Puritans 16:04 What did they believe? 24:45 Truth about thanksgiving 39:35 Modern Thanksgiving 49:20 Christians should be Thankful Daily 52:00 Music and giving Thanks 1:10:15 Conclusion Please help support us on…

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