reformed theology

A Generation Away

I recently had a gentlemen ask me a question. The question he asked struck me. He said, “We are just one generation from Christianity being no more aren’t we?” What a question to think about. Are we one generation away from the Church being extinct? Will there always be a Church? Join me on this…

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New Years Resolutions

Do you make New Years Resolutions? Are they Biblical? Should we make them? These are just a few questions discovered on this brief episode of the Doctrine Matters Podcast to round out 2020.

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I Hate Your Theology!!

Has anyone ever disagreed with you on what you believe from the Scriptures? Have they taken an angry approach with you? Called you a heretic? Told you that you were in a cult? Told you that you are not saved simply by believing what the Bible teaches? We all find ourselves in disagreements every now…

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Ep.28 Lessons the Church Learned in 2020 Pt.2 – Charismatic Cons

Ep. 28 Lessons the Church learned in 2020 Pt. 2 – Charismatic Cons In this episode, Nathaniel Discusses how the year 2020 has exposed the bankruptcy of the Charismatic movement. Websites to find a church:

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Prosperity or Persecution

Many people want prosperity, but how many people want persecution? The Bible tells us that true believers will receive persecution. “The Church in America has experienced prosperity and is growing weaker. The Church in China has experienced persecution and is growing stronger.” Are we ready for persecution?

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