What is Special Revelation?

Rapp Report Daily 460 What is Special Revelation? What is special or supernatural revelation? Well, on yesterday’s podcast we talked about natural revelation being that of nature. We can look at the stars and we can see something about the attributes of God. We can see that He exists. However, it is not enough to…

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What is General Revelation?

Rapp Report Daily 459 What is General Revelation? What is general revelation? General revelation is the revelation of God, of himself in nature, that natural revelation as we look to nature, this is the revelation of God that is clear to all of mankind, whether those who believe or those who do not, this is…

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Thanksgiving for the Scriptures

Rapp Report Daily 453 We can be thankful for God’s revelation to people. We could not know about God unless He reveals Himself to us. He does that in two ways, through natural and special revelation. Natural revelation or nature is enough to reveal that God exists and something about His nature but we need…

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