Roman Catholic Church

Witnessing From A Distance!

The Coronavirus Pandemic has given us an opportunity to bring the hope of salvation to many who might not normally listen. Are you looking for opportunities or just toilet paper? In this episode, Eddie witnesses to an employee in a desolate juice bar, in the midst of Coronavirus mayhem! Show Notes: Movie Gift Cards Online…

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What is the Church, Part 2

Rapp Report 113 Andrew and Bud start a discussion on the topic of the church. What is the church? They started by looking at the meaning of the Greek word for Church and how it was used in part 1. In this episode the provides a history lesson on who the Roman Catholic Church came…

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Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Apologetics Live 57 Andrew play a pro-life commercial that will not be played at the Super Bowl by Fox Sports from Andrew addresses the challenges from those that claim a Christian can lose their salvation. Is the Roman Catholic Church a cult? Should Christian apologists, evangelism and public speakers attend and serve in a…

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