S3E24 – Modern Spiritual Warfare

This week, I finish the series on idolatry and the demonic by looking at our modern context. Secularism, at its root, is a modern form of paganism. The idea that there is no God, there is no meaning, and we are all just little autonomous gods running around is simply paganism repackaged. These ideas have…

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The Power of Fear

The Way Radio Episode 0084 The Power of Fear After two years of manufactured fear of a mostly benign virus through deception and propaganda, the world in the last two weeks has been thrown back into the darkest days of the cold war as world war and the nuclear threat are once again major topics…

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Episode 59: Reflections on Ukraine

We all are watching with broken hearts what is transpiring in Ukraine. I preached there a few years ago and wanted to share with you some of the dear brothers and sisters in Christ I met there as were pray for them. ==> Subscribe to the Justin Peters Ministries Odyseee Channel: ==> Subscribe to…

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