You Must Stay Awake!

The Way Radio Episode 0056 You Must Stay Awake! And what I say to you I say to all: Stay awake. – Mark 13:37 What does it mean to be awake in the context of Mark 13:37? How does a believer stay awake? How might someone be lulled to sleep? In these times it is…

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Bad Pappy!

What should you do when a female spirit takes your hand and attempts to lead you to the light? Does God have a wife? The Bible actually has something to say about this, and it all came out when Eddie spoke to his new friend, Bad Pappy. Eddie Roman: Search N Rescue, the book:…

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Back to the Gospel

The Way Radio Episode 0041 Back to the Gospel Why do we need to get back to the Gospel? In the US the common consensus among many biblical Christian leaders is that 90% of the visible Church is void of the gospel, unsaved, and of the world. The vast majority of those claiming to be…

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