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Episode 138: Let’s Talk About the Shape of the Earth: An Interview with Dr. Danny Faulkner and an ISS Astronaut

In a comprehensive episode of Didache, Justin Peters delves into the contentious debate surrounding the Flat Earth theory. He brings in Dr. Danny Faulkner, a physicist with Answers in Genesis and author of “Falling Flat,” to counter common Flat Earth arguments. They address various claims, including the visibility of distant objects, the Antarctic Treaty, and…

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Episode 136: Destroying the “Flat Earth” With 1 Photo I Took From My iPhone – You Can Too

In an informative and engaging episode of the Didache podcast, Justin Peters debunks the Flat Earth Theory using simple observations and scientific principles. He begins by addressing the surprisingly large following this theory has among Christians, expressing concern for the ridicule it brings upon Christianity and the misinterpretation of biblical texts. Peters showcases photographs taken…

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