Sid Roth

Episode 54: Why Are Charismatics So Weird? Shane Warren Eavesdrops on God

Sid Roth is known for having guests who regularly shuttle back and forth between Heaven and Earth. This particular guest, Shane Warren, goes to Heaven and eavesdrops on conversations between the member of the Godhead. So much for omniscience! ==> Subscribe to the Justin Peters Ministries Odyseee Channel: ==> Subscribe to the Justin Peters…

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Episode 53: Jim Osman Calls and Challenges Dr. Michael Brown

Back in October, pastor Jim Osman called into Dr. Michael Brown’s program, Ask Dr. Brown. Brown was speaking on discernment and so Jim called to challenge him on discernment given that Brown has partnered with, endorsed, and provided shade for the worst heretics and most obvious charlatans in the Charismatic Movement. In this episode, I…

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Episode 52: Why Are Charismatics So Weird? Holy Spirit Activate!

I’m beginning a new series on my podcasts entitled “Why Are Charismatics So Weird?” This is the first installment. In this program, we will hear how Sid Roth and prophet James Goll say we need to activate the Holy Spirit. You have to hear this to believe it. ==> Subscribe to the Justin Peters Ministries…

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