Sola Scriptura

2 Opposing Doctrines: The Right Way vs The Wong Way to Interpret Scripture

S.2 Ep. 14 Thoroughly Equipped A “2 Opposing Doctrines” episode with special guest Andrew Rappaport from Striving For Eternity. We discuss hermeneutic, the science of interpretation. Topics discussed: What is Hermeneutics? Why is it important? Why should we study the Bible? Study of bible vs reading the bible as devotions, what’s the difference? What are…

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S2E16 – Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone)

On today’s program I provide an audio recording of a recent article I wrote in defense of Sola Scriptura. I have several friends and family who are either Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox, so many of our discussions tend to revolve around the authority of Scripture. In the article, I first present a case for…

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