Soul Boom

Moral Guidelines Without God: A Scriptural Rebuttal of the Book, Soul Boom Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution’s Philosophy

In this episode (99), host, Rebecca Berschwinger tackles chapters 8 and 9 of Rainn Wilson’s book, where she dismantles the proposed principles of Soul Boom, the Religion, using God’s Word. Topics include: – The authors rejection of the doctrine of hell and eternal punishment  -Soul Boom’s creation of moral guidelines without God   -Patriarchy and leadership…

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Refuting Rainn Wilson’s Book, Soul Boom, Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution. Dissecting the Commonalities and Differences Among Various Faith Traditions.

In this episode (98), Rebecca delves deep into Chapter 7,  challenging the core teachings of various religions and emphasizing  the uniqueness of Christianity. The episode raises thought-provoking discussions on the foundations of faith,  a higher power, moral compass, and the power of love across different spiritual traditions, answering the question, “Can the “commonalities” of differing…

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Holiness, Sacredness and a Smorgasbord Spirituality. Refuting Rainn Wilson’s Book Soul Boom; Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution Part 6

Is spirituality the new religion?  Join host, Rebecca Berschwinger, as she  delves deep into the book “Soul Boom, Why We Need A Spiritual Revolution” by Rainn Wilson, and challenges  the concept of a new-age approach to spirituality and its implications.  Wilson presents an alternative to traditional religion rooted in Baha’i beliefs, Buddhism, and Native American…

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