Ep. 72 How Christians should view depression.

Ep. 72 How Christians should view Depression.   In this episode, Nathaniel and Ekkie discuss Depression, suffering, modern-day psychology, psychiatry, and how Christians should view these issues. Please rate us on Android and Apple Podcasts.     For questions or comments send us an email. [email protected]

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The Bud Zone Podcast – The Christian’s Special Duty: Giving Thanks

On this Thanksgiving Day episode, Bud turns to the Puritan Thomas Manton for the reading of an excerpt of his sermon about the Christian’s special duty of giving thanks.  Drawn from an exposition of Psalm 119:62, Manton emphasizes the necessity for the Christian to be much in giving thanks and giving praise to God.  Manton’s…

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Talking With Troy Frasier of Revived Thoughts

On this episode I was honored to interview a cohost of one of my favorite podcasts Revived Thoughts.  Troy is very encouraging in his passion for truth and to serve the Lord.  He and his partner Joel take old sermons that have never been recorded and have them narrated.  They also give a history of…

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