Striving for Eternity

Ep. 22. A Godly Lifeline for the Thin Blue Line; Discipling and Equipping God‘s Agents of Peace and Justice

If you are in law enforcement or know someone who is, please don’t miss this episode!
Those who stand on the thin blue line between good and evil, peace and chaos, are in desperate need of our support.

As lawlessness increases, our line of defense …

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Faith over Fear

Rapp Report episode 186 Many Christians are living in fear with anxiety. Andrew the Bud discusses what it means to fear God and how to overcome fear and anxiety. The number of Christians living with anxiety is also rising at an alarming rate. According to a study conducted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of…

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Dangerous Doctrines – Is Tony Miano in a Cult? – Part 3

Apologetics Live episode 95 Ken Cook of CARM (Christian Apologetics Research Ministry), joins Pastor Justin Pierce, and Kevin Jandt for a review and discussion of last week’s heartbreaking show of the damage done to six families by the dangerous doctrines of Grace Fellowship Church. This will continue the discussion of Grace Fellowship Church with Pastor…

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Episode 9 A Theology of Rest

Theology Throw Down Episode 9 The Christian Podcast Community podcasters gather together to discuss the Theology of Rest. Panel host: Anthony Russo, host of Grace and PeaceRadio. Panelists: Coleen Sharp, co-host of Theology Gals, Eve Franklin, co-host of Are You Just Watching?, and Daniel Mynyck, host of Truthspresso. Whether they be minutes, hours, or extended…

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End of Year Update

Rapp Report 103 Andrew provides an end of the year update on Striving for Eternity and what they are planning for the next few years. Andrew shares the feedback from some people that became Christians due to this podcast.   Podcasts referenced in this show What does Striving for Eternity mean? Personal look into the…

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