What is Regeneration, Part 2, What We Believe, Part 28

Rapp Report episode 251 The topic of regeneration is the cause of great debate. Are we saved by works or not? Does saying a prayer save us? How about deciding to follow Jesus? This is answered, and the confusion over this issue is explained. The issues of regeneration and sanctification are explained in detail. Andrew…

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Bonus: Superintending the Solution to Calvinism vs. Arminianism, What We Believe, Part 27

Rapp Report episode 246 Many people fight over Calvinism and Arminianism. Who is right and who is wrong? the answer may surprise you. Andrew provides answers from Scripture to resolve this debate. Most of the focus of debate focuses on did God choose us or did we choose God. Also, the other question answered is…

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What is the Inspiration of Scripture? – What We Believe, Part 2

Rapp Report episode 189 How was the Scripture inspired? What is inspiration? Andrew and Bud unpack the Striving for Eternity doctrinal statement and discuss the teachings of the Scripture. The statement discussed from What We Believe: “The Bible is inspired by God. Inspiration is that supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in which He superintended…

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