Supreme Court

President Trump Gets Covid is an October Surprise?

Rapp Report episode 139 Andrew speaks about politics and culture providing a Christian point of view. He addresses 1) Justice Ginsberg’s death, 2) the CA law requiring corporations to have one LGTB and one black on every board, 3) the debate between Trump and Biden, and 4) President Trump having COVID.

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S1E4 – Special Edition: How to Fight and When to Fight

Today is a special edition episode that I did in light of both the passing of RBG and the recent comments on justice by Tim Keller. Given that the Republicans have seemingly decided to proceed with filling the empty seat on the Supreme Court, I want to look at how to fight with both integrity…

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Do Men Have a Say in Abortion?

Rapp Report Daily 461 Do Men Have a Say in Abortion? One of the common arguments to shut down discussion for men when it comes to the issue of abortion is to say that men have no say in abortion. This is a woman’s issue. However, do men have a say in abortion? Well, we…

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