Susan Heck

Episode 86: Brian from Faith on Fire Attacks Susan Heck: She Responds

Brian, host of the Faith on Fire YouTube channel attacked me and Susan Heck last week. The attack on me was unsurprising, but his attack on Susan compelled me to respond to him. Now that I have returned from preaching in Madagascar, I wanted to give Susan an opportunity to speak for herself. Link to…

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Episode 85: My Response to Faith on Fire’s Attack on Susan Heck

The Faith on Fire YouTube channel recently posted a video alleging that I am now perfectly fine with women teaching men in corporate worship, despite my well-known theology on this issue. What is worse, though, Brian (the channel host) made inexcusable false accusations against Susan Heck. This is my response to him. Link to the…

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Episode 20: An Interview With Susan Heck On Beth Moore

Beth Moore has finally eschewed biblical complementarianism and come out of the egalitarian closet. In this program, I interview Susan Heck (who has every book in the New Testament memorized and several in the Old) about her concerns with Beth Moore. I also ask Susan about the egalitarian arguments of Priscilla, the women at the…

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