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Women in the Life of the Church with Aimee Byrd

Theology Gals | Episode 153 This week Coleen and Rachel discuss women in the life of the church with Aimee Byrd. As part of this discussion, they talk about why our ecclesiology and correct categories are important.  Episode Resources: No Little Women: Equipping All Women in the Household of God Women can join Theology Gals…

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Abuse and the Church with Rachael Denhollander

Theology Gals | Episode 152 This week Coleen and Rachel discuss abuse and the Church with Rachael Denhollander.  Episode Resources: What Is a Girl Worth? My Story of Breaking the Silence and Exposing the Truth about Larry Nassar and USA Gymnastics by Rachael Denhollander How Much is a Little Girl Worth? by Rachael Denhollander GRACE…

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Covenant Theology and the Church with R. Scott Clark

Theology Gals | Episode 151 This week Coleen and Rachel talk to R. Scott Clark about covenant theology and the Church.  Episode Resources: Resources On A Covenantal Approach To The Christian Life by R. Scott Clark Office Hours: Horton On The Ordinary As An Alternative For Young, Restless, Radical Christianity by R. Scott Clark A…

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