theology throwdown

The Theology Throwdown: Unpacking the True Meaning of Church

Join us as we delve into the heart of the purpose of church with Andrew Rappaport and members of the Christian Podcast Community.  We’ll discuss moving beyond the walls and steeples to the call of gathering, equipping and taking the gospel out into the world while confronting sobering truths about modern perceptions of the church…

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Light Over Darkness. Wrapping Up the Refuting of Rainn Wilson’s Book, Soul Boom. Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution.

In this pivotal 100th episode,  host, Rebecca Berschwinger, brings to a close the enlightening series refuting the popular yet misleading book “Soul Boom. Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution.” Standing firm in the truth of the Scriptures, she dissects the author’s vision of utopia—a world where religious boundaries blur into a unified theory which outright…

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Episode 9 A Theology of Rest

Theology Throw Down Episode 9 The Christian Podcast Community podcasters gather together to discuss the Theology of Rest. Panel host: Anthony Russo, host of Grace and PeaceRadio. Panelists: Coleen Sharp, co-host of Theology Gals, Eve Franklin, co-host of Are You Just Watching?, and Daniel Mynyck, host of Truthspresso. Whether they be minutes, hours, or extended…

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