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Ep.45 Why Critical Race Theory is unbiblical

Ep. 45 Why Critical Race Theory is unbiblical. In this episode, Ekkie and Nathaniel discuss a brief history of CRT, define some commonly used terms, and take CRT to trial with the Word of God. CRT is without a doubt a deadly idealogy that has crept into the church and must be combated with Scripture….

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Ep.43 God’s Omniscience

Ep.43 God’s Omniscience. In this episode, Ekkie and Nathaniel discuss God’s attribute of Omniscience. Like the other attributes, a study of Omniscience should cause our love to swell for God and should give us hope and joy, knowing that there is nothing that escapes God’s knowledge.

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Ep. 37 God’s Sovereignty and Man’s responsibility

Ep.37 God’s Sovereignty and man’s responsibility. In this episode Nathaniel, joined by Ekkie Tepsupornchai, continue a previous conversation on God’s soveriengty and man’s responsibility. Why is there evil in the world? How does the current American climate fit into God’s plan?

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