Ep. 41. The Hope of Easter

Have a quick listen to today’s episode for a hearty dose of hope, encouragement, and celebration as Rebecca shares an inspiring reminder of the glorious sacrifice, borne of a Savior’s love for us, and the hope and power of His glorious and victorious re…

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Ep. 33 What We Know For Sure About Climate Change. The Answer May Surprise You!

In part 2 of this 2 part episode, Rebecca talks with renowned scientist and author, Dr. Jay Wile, about the effects of climate change.
Join in for this very informative episode to find out what we do and don’t know about global warming and whether or no…

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MSL: January 24, 2022

The daily radio broadcast of Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include: Matt talks about his various discussions online with Muslims and atheists. Why are we as Christians supposed to ask for forgiveness daily when our sins have already been fully forgiven at the cross? Can I…

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Ep. 30 Rising Above it All; Christians Living Amongst Depravity.

The world seems to have gone mad! How are we as Christians commanded to live amongst those who are incapable of reasoning themselves to the truth?

We were warned in God’s word that these days were coming and here we are! But thankfully, God has provid…

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Ep. 27 Eschatology; One of Satan‘s Best Kept Secrets

Did you know that there are a total of 8,000 prophetic verses in the Bible and 23 out of 27 New Testament books mention the second coming of Christ?
Approximately one third of the Bible is prophecy so why are so many churches ignoring it?

In this epi…

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