Battling Depression Part 3 – The Lord is at Hand

The Way Radio Episode 0087 Battling Depression Part 3 – The Lord is at Hand In light of current world events and issues, it seems good to insert the topic of anxiety into this series on Battling Depression. Remember last fall when the government and mainstream news were claiming we were heading into a “Dark…

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How to Pray During War

In this episode, I discuss God’s sovereignty during war, how we should pray during war, and what our church in Medgidia is doing to help the refugees. How do we understand God’s sovereignty? Even during war, God is still in control. These verses help us remember that man has no power over God’s will: Proverbs…

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Archived 2GAB Season 2, Episode 14 – God’s Judgment (Part 1)

With Dillon unable to join me this week, on this episode I began walking through several passages of Scripture that describe God’s judgment. While we often think of God’s judgment as sudden supernatural events, the Bible actually presents several different forms in which it is delivered. For this episode, I look at the first form…

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