Was Jesus a Socialist? (part 4)

In this episode of Truthspresso Express I chat about Jesus and socialism while driving to work. A coworker recently made the claim to me that Jesus was a socialist. I have certainly heard this claim before, but I figured I would address it. In part 4 I look at one of the socialist’s prooftexts: the…

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MSL: May 23, 2022

The daily radio broadcast of CARM.org. Open calls, questions, and discussion with Guest host Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include: What is the Amillennialist view of the binding of Satan? What are your thoughts on the rapture? Can we know when it will happen? Who are the people who receive the first resurrection…

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S2E15 – Behavioral Economics (Interview with Steve Moyer)

On today’s program I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Moyer on the topic of behavioral economics. Steve is a certified financial planner and a chartered financial consultant, currently working for Mariner Wealth Advisors. He is also a Christian and has spent his career applying Christian principles to the realm of economics. We cover a…

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