S2E15 – Behavioral Economics (Interview with Steve Moyer)

On today’s program I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Moyer on the topic of behavioral economics. Steve is a certified financial planner and a chartered financial consultant, currently working for Mariner Wealth Advisors. He is also a Christian and has spent his career applying Christian principles to the realm of economics. We cover a…

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An Education in Freedom – Andrew Pudewa, Part 1

Join Yvette Hampton, Aby Rinella, and Andrew Pudewa for a discussion of how to cultivate an entrepreneurial, or georgic, aptitude in our children. The future of freedom may depend on it!
Many of us realize that we value home education not only because it…

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Back to the Grind

Rapp Report Daily 479 Time to get back to work but is work a bad thing? Many do not have a biblical view of work and that could make all the difference as we get back to the grind. Enter the Christian Podcast Community contest

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