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How to get on fire for Jesus

Abundant Life Episode 41

In this episode Saso and Ben discuss the topic of being renewed and how to get on fire for Jesus!

Key verses

Titus 2: 11-14

RENEW’ED, participle passive Made new again; repaired; re-established; repeated; revived; renovated; regenerated. – Websters 1828

Grace –  Appropriately, the free unmerited love and favor of God, the spring and source of all the benefits men receive from him. – Websters 1828

Romans 11:6

We know salvation is an act of grace from God, and it is from His deep well of favor, and love that He has for mankind that He would send His Son to die for us. It costs us nothing but to Him it came at a great price.

Romans 5:2

The act of Jesus dying for us gave us direct access to this grace. We would have no hope or chance if He did not send His Son to die for us. What an amazing picture of His love and unmerited love He has for us!

After salvation which appeared to all men, we get His grace to help us live this Christian life.

Romans 5:20

No one would argue with you that sin is abundant in this world. It does not take long, and you do not have to go far to find sin. 

Although sin is abundant and abounds, God’s grace abounds much more. Although it may seem as though we have no hope against sin, this verse tell us differently as grace abounds more than the sin in this world. Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world.

God’s Grace of Salvation

Being on fire for Jesus all starts at salvation. Salvation was only possible because we not only have a just God who cannot overlook sin, but we also have a loving God, who looked at His creation with love and compassion and made the ultimate sacrifice to make it possible for mankind to be brought back into a relationship with God.

2 Peter 3:9

I’m so thankful for the truths in this verse. I’m thankful for God’s patience. I got saved a little later in life and if God didn’t have patience and sent Jesus back before I got saved, who knows if I would have ever received Jesus as savior.

The Deist believes that God created everything, but then was no longer interested after creation. In other words they would say God is the clock maker, and winds the clock, and lets it go.

God is ever present in the affairs of men today! It’s God’s grace that sacrificed the first animal in Genesis to cover Adam and Eve, it’s God, who commanded Israel to sacrifice animals to cover their sin, and ultimately it was that those animals represented and pointed to Jesus who was the ultimate sacrifice.

The Gospel of Jesus never gets old! The world needs to hear the gospel of Jesus so they can know the grace of God but, the believer must always reflect on this story, because this Gospel is truly the fuel we need to be on fire for Jesus. 

Christian, would you sit and reflect on the gospel and your salvation, think about where you’d be without it, think about your eternal destination without it and then think about how blessed you truly are, how you have a relationship with the King of kings.

A Christian’s “why”

The why is simply implying what motivates you to keep going every day, especially when things are not going right, everything appears to be failing and you basically want to quit. What they have found in the business world is that money is typically not people’s motivation for leading a business. Leading a business can be tough, and people could likely the same amount of money or more working for someone else and therefore money is not always the driving factor.

The Christian walk is similar in the fact that It’s hard. We need motivation in those valleys of life when we have a sense of hopelessness or brokenness, or maybe it’s just tiredness and fatigue, maybe it’s burnout, or a sense of complacency, or simply lack of motivation. Maybe there are days where you just don’t want to do this Christian thing anymore. There are going to be some difficult days ahead for every Christian.

For a Christian, their “why” is the gospel!