Andrew Rappaport & Fred Butler: Roundtable Discussion

Taking a detour from the usual format, Andrew Rappaport and Fred Butler, both return guests to the show, join the podcast this month for a roundtable discussion. The topics of the previous episodes throughout 2018 acted as discussion points for this roundtable.

An Outline of the Discussion
  • Missionaries to Muslim countries are reporting that people are coming to faith in Christ, and they’re having dreams about Jesus (or a Jesus-like figure) in the middle of their path to salvation. But are these stories credible?
  • When people seek experiences in worship, the high quickly dissipates and they’re immediately seeking a new, bigger experience. How much better to look to Christ instead of experiences, and we can never come to the end with Christ!
  • The Feasts of Israel are really cool prophetic patterns for the events surrounding Christ’s ministry, death, resurrection, and return.
  • The New Testament just cannot be unhitched from the Old. Eventually, you end up unhitching from all of Scripture.
  • When churches unhitch from the Gospel and grounded truth claims, they may see an initial surge in membership, but will eventually shrink to the point of going away entirely.
  • We can get every other doctrine right, but if we get salvation wrong, we’ll go to Hell.
  • Sanctification comes after justification, and both come by faith.
  • If you have the attributes of God right, you’ll get theology right.
  • Ask an Arminian if he agrees with the Five Articles of the Remonstrance or the Canons of the Synod of Dort. He’ll probably pick Dort, not knowing that he’s picking Calvinism.
  • A short history of Todd Friel’s radio career.



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