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S3E15 – Guns and Drag

This week, I look at a recent viral video clip of a debate between Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm and Jon Stewart. Their discussion centers around drag queen story hour, the right to vote, and the right to bear arms. I unpack their arguments and look at some of the assumptions that are brought to the table. In any debate, everyone brings certain rules to the table (i.e., the rules of the game). If you play by your opponent’s rules without challenging them, the game is lost. While Jon Stewart imported several rules and assumptions into the discussion, Senator Dahm did not challenge him and ultimately lost the argument. Tune in to see how.

01:20 – Passage of the Day: Luke 17:1-3, Mark 9:42-48, Matthew 18:1-6 (Causing these little ones to sin)

08:35 – Review and critique of debate between Senator Dahm and Jon Stewart.

Here is the clip of Senator Dahm and Jon Stewart (parental warning on language)

Here is information on America’s Health Rankings regarding causes of death.

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