How is the Bible Laid Out?

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How is the Bible Laid Out?

How is the Bible laid out? Now, there is a distinction between the Christian Bible and the Jewish Bible. The Jewish Bible is going to be laid out more chronologically. But the Christian Bible is what we are going to deal with and let us start with the Old Testament. You have three major divisions. The law, the writings, and the prophets. The law are the first five books known as the Pentateuch, they are historical narrative. Followed by that is the other historical narratives that are part of the category of the writings. That is going to be Joshua through Esther. They are historical. Followed by the poetical, Hebrew poetry books, which is Job through Song of Solomon. Those are all considered the writings. Then you are the prophets. The prophets are broken down as major and minor. That does not have to do with the content as much as it has to do with the length. So the longer they are, that is the major prophets. The minor prophets are shorter. There is debate over Daniel versus Zachariah. They are both 12 chapters. You can argue that.
In the New Testament you have historical, epistles, and revelation. Revelation in a category by itself, but the historical is broken down by the four gospels and the book of acts. Those are historical narratives. Then you have the epistles which are broken down by the volume of them. So Paul writing the largest amount, then Hebrews, James, Peter, John, Jude. Then you have the book of revelation. So this is basically how you have the Bible laid out.

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