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Dedication and Introduction – S5-E1 (Unknown – Book Review)

Season 5 – Episode 1: Dedication and Introduction

Synopsis: Is it ok to be unknown so that Christ can be known? Yes, of course it is! The E.A.R. Podcast presents to you a brand new season! Season 5 entitled, “Unknown” with Rev. Dr. Matthew Everhard. This podcast series is being made for the ordinary Christians who can have extraordinary influence. We often seek the fame of notoriety and being known by the masses. The goal is for Christ to be known to as many people and understanding that we are the tools God uses through His word to redeem souls for His glory alone. There is an underlying issue with that we all can admit that we can be what Matthew calls “humble bragging” and we can often miss the opportunity to really share the gospel with lost people.

Meet the Co-Host: Rev. Dr. Matthew Everhard is the Senior Pastor at Gospel Fellowship, (PCA) in Valencia, Pennsylvania. Matthew is married to his wife Kelly and has three children, Soriah, Elijah, and Simone. Matthew is not only a pastor/theologian but a writer and publisher. Matthew was the general editor for the Westminster Society Journal. Matthew’s latest work his the publication of his dissertation on Jonathan Edwards, “A Theology of Joy: Jonathan Edwards and Eternal Happiness in the Holy Trinity”and now to add to the bunch, “Unknown: The Extraordinary Influence of Ordinary Christians.”

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