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What Does ‘Amen’ Mean? – S1 Ep4

Season 1 – Episode 4 – What Does ‘Amen’ Mean?

Introduction to Episode:
During this season we explore key questions about prayer. In this episode, we look at the meaning of most used word at the end of a prayer, doxology or hymn, the word ‘Amen.’ We take a look at the Hebrew and Greek meaning of the word to help us better understand how the word is used and its original meaning. Rev. Dr. Matthew Everhard graciously joins us to help us dive into the meaning of this word. Rev. Dr. Everhard uses scripture to point out how the word is used in the Bible and explains how careful we should be before saying amen to something we don’t agree with.

Co-Host: Rev. Dr. Matthew Everhard is the Senior Pastor at Faith Church, EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) in Brooksville, Florida. Matthew is married to his wife Kelly and has three children, Soriah, Elijah, and Simone. Matthew is not only a pastor/theologian but a writer and publisher. Matthew is the general editor for the Westminster Society Journal. Matthew’s latest work his the publication of his dissertation on Jonathan Edwards, “A Theology of Joy: Jonathan Edwards and Eternal Happiness in the Holy Trinity”

Podcast Episode Summary:
As we learning the meaning of the word Amen, we will look at three things to better help us understand the word and it’s original meaning. This discussion should answer the question, what does ‘amen’ mean?

  • The meaning of the Word Amen
  • Discuss: Larger Catechism #196 and Shorter Catechism #107
  • Discuss: Uses of the Bible: Revelation 3:14 (Jesus is called “The Amen.”) How does “The Amen” tie back to other passages.
  • Should we say “Amen” after a prayer that we felt did not have truth to the meaning?
  • Discuss: Revelation 22:21, the last word of the Bible.

Notable Quotes: “God gets the final amen” – Brandon Queen“When we say amen, I like the fact that it adds our assurance to be heard.” – Matthew Everhard
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