Analytical Tools at IF: Dr. Curt Thompson & Behavioral Neuroscience (part 3)- Jesus, the Cross, and the Gospel

Thoroughly Equipped Season 2 Episode 27
Continuing our look at Dr. Curt Thompson’s teachings.
Dr. Curt Thompson, Visionary Leader of the Center for Being Known, is a pshyciatrist who speaks at Jennie Allen’s IF:Gathering and IF:Lead Conferences. He has spoken at many conferences including the Torrey 2016 Conference and the Jubilee 2022 Online Conference; has been on the Red Ink Revival Podcast, the Trinity Forum Podcast, among many others, and is co-host of the Being Known podcast.
Topics presented:
  • Review of what Thompson believes about the Fall & sin.
  • How Jesus did what He did
  • What Jesus won for us at the cross
  • What it means that Jesus bore our shame on the cross
  • What is the Gospel according to Thompson
My purpose for looking at Dr. Curt Thompson’s teachings in depth is to show how incorporating psychoanalytical tools with Christianity will produce different doctrines resulting in a different Gospel.
May this episode bless you and bring glory to God!
Resources used in this episode:
Anatomy of the Soul by Dr. Curt Thompson
Other Resources: