Don’t Misrepresent.

In this episode we wander around on a few topics but primarily we discuss the importance of representing the other side of an argument accurately. Well, we attempt to do so. We probably misrepresented the people we talked about who misrepresent. We hope we didn’t. We were inspired to do so after watching a youtube show done by Leighton Flowers where he discussed arguments against Calvinism with Andy Stanley. They did not accurately represent the position and created a straw man argument. It is ok to disagree with someone but we should make sure the person you disagree with actually believes what you are arguing against. I am sure we are all guilty of this in one way or another, but we should take the time to understand the position of the other side as well as what the person personally believes. Check out that show as well as Dr James White”s comments about that interview on his show ‘the dividing line”.

Leighton/Stanley interview:

James White:

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