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Abide in the Word Podcast seeks to teach and discuss biblical theology as applicable to current culture and events. We live in a time where false teaching and bad doctrine abound in the local church often due to ease of access to online platforms, and we seek to provide sound content on those platforms, pointing to the sufficiency and authority of the Word of God in all matters.

Our hosts, Lauren Dyck and Mike Hovland, both attend Grace Bible Fellowship, a Grace Advance church plant in La Crete, Alberta, Canada. Lauren was part of the original group seeking to establish a church plant committed to the exegetical proclamation of the full counsel of God’s Word. Pastor Mike Hovland was later hired through the Grace Advance program, and 11 months after GBF was planted, Mike and his family moved to La Crete to shepherd our church. Prior to moving to La Crete, Mike was associate pastor at GraceLife Church of Edmonton where he served after graduating from The Master’s Seminary.

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Episode 5: Understanding God’s Omnipotent Will

In this episode, we discuss God’s will and what theologians call God’s decretive and preceptive will. We also consider the existence of evil and sin in the world and...

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Episode 4: Eternal Security (Part 2)

In this episode, we continue our study of the doctrine of eternal security, or also known as “the perseverance of the saints”. Having looked in detail at the guarantee...

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Episode 3: Eternal Security (Part 1)

In this episode, we look at the doctrine of eternal security, also known as “The Perseverance of the Saints.” We look at the promise of this doctrine in God’s...

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Episode 2: Politics, “Pandemic,” and a Pastoral Perspective

In this episode, we discuss the church, politics, the imprisonment of Alberta pastors, and a pastoral perspective regarding the “pandemic.”

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Episode 1: The Gospel & Salvation

In this episode we answer the questions, “what is the gospel?” and “why is it important?”

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